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The 1883-O Morgan Silver Dollar Not For The Faint Of Heart

The 1883-O is hardly the go to Morgan Silver Dollar and mint when collectors are seeking high quality pieces. This is a reasonable attitude, with a mintage of 8,725,00 the 1883-O will most likely have unsatisfactory luster/bloom with a surface quality strikes that range from quite weak to needle sharp. According to Q. David Bowers " for collectors of certified coins New Orleans dollars are a breeze: look at the label and write a check."

Bottom line - cherry picking is the norm for 1883 New Orleans dollars both for luster and strike. Common in mint state a collector must diligently search for just the right Morgan.

Although there are some with needle sharp strikes they are quite elusive. The luster can be mint frosty to dull and grainy. Many have a lack of eye appeal. Proof Like are common with many to examine, however they tend to have bag marks in the field and there is limited distinction in the contrast between the field and the devices (1).

Occasionally, there is a hidden gem making your diligent search be it months or years a rewarding and satisfying experience. The Millyard Team is constantly searching for the elusive high quality New Orleans dollars and on occasion one meets our expectations.

Optimal Collecting Grade MS65

  1. A guide book for Morgan Dollars, Q. David Bowers


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